April 22nd, 2009




Remember the surprise I've mentioned on the hiatus post?! Will be revealed now! Sometimes I waste too many time thinkin' about the icons next theme, and sometimes I don't get inspired or don't find good pictures to work, so I've been thinkin'... I've 'met' Victoria on the Spice Girls, then she had a very nice and short (unfortunetely) solo career, but we have great things from that era, songs, videos, pictures... The idea is: let's do a special of this! I'll start with "Out Of Your Mind", then the album VB, and the singles, "Not Such An Innocent Girl", "A Mind Of It's Own" and the singles from the 'Unreleased Album', "Let Your Head Go" and "This Groove". This means that the next 6 posts (including today) will be dedicate to this. Under the cut you'll find:

+ 19 icons
+ Music and video review
+ .mp3
+ YouTube link to watch the video

Join and Enjoy!


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