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I know have been a long time since the last post, I have been busy with my portfolio (Shock!) and some other stuff, but here I am! Unfortunetely I haven't found screencaps from the video 'Not Such An Innocent Girl', but I have good pictures from the videoshoot and incredibly I've made a bunch of icons. Hope You Enjoy! I'll try don't take so much time for the next post. Remember give credits when using, leave a comment and join the community!

+ 33 icons
+ Music and video review
+ YouTube link to watch the video


Review: 'Not Such An Innocent Girl" is the first single from the album VB. The song have been very promoted but couldn't bite Kylie Minogue's hit of the year 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'. Once again the video had a futuristic theme, remember everybody thought the world would be over when teh new century comes?! Well we're still here! Nostradamus who? (LOL)

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YouTube Video: HERE (MQ + Subtitle)
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